Who We Are

Who We Are?

Number 1 Manufacturer and Distributor of Solar Water Heaters in the MENA Region

Since the nineties, we’ve been active in the field of heating, plumbing, sanitary and water technology both in Lebanon and in the middle east north Africa region.

Expanding into solar energy in the year 2000 was an easy decision. The whole world was moving towards green energy and we were one of the first to offer solar water heaters.

Besides the obvious fact that solar is environmentally friendly, for us Lebanese it was more energy saving both on electricity bills and generator ampere bills.


Our manufacturing is probably the largest in the middle east employing more than 300 people. we also import from Germany, Italy, Greece and China to cover all market needs and requirements. Our range starts from 80 liters of hot water per day for small apartments up to 30,000 liters per day for hotels, hospitals, beach resorts and swimming pools.


We export to: Armenia, Algeria, Iraq and Jordan.