Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar?

The cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available

We need hot water every day. The most common ways are either use 1) electricity which costs money, 2) heating Gas or oil which also cost money or 3) the sun which is free!


The sun’s energy is free, totally free. We can heat thousands of liters of water every day without adding $1 to your electricity bill. There is no need to increase your generator ampere to heat your necessary daily hot water need. The sun provides us heat all year round, so why pay for something that you can get totally free?

Replacing your electric water heater with Greentech’s solar water heater will significantly cut down your electricity bills, and deliver you hot water that is free from the sun even when you are not at home.


Solar water heaters are installed on the roof which saves you space inside your home for storage. Also, if anything goes wrong with the electric water heater installed inside your home, the damages caused will be devastating; carpets, wooden floors, paint, doors just imagine the cost!! With solar, you have nothing to worry about, no strangers will enter your home to fix anything and no large amount of water is stored inside your home.

Now, you might be wondering if you have the right to install a solar water heater in the building you’re living in, the short answer is yes!


Every year, sunny days are increasing. Last year, we had 322 days of broad sunlight, which means 322 days of free hot water, so why should we depend on overpriced electricity when you can have hot water delivered to your home without any running cost!