Why Greentech

Why Greentech?

Cost effective, money saving and environmental product

At Greentech, our word is our bond and we respect our customers that’s why we’ve been around for so long.


Solar is a relatively new field. We will help you choose what you need, keeping in mind your return on investment, by getting back the money you invested in a reasonable time frame.


Aesthetics are an important part of any building, installing solar water heaters should take that into account.
We will use, in the best way possible, the sun’s maximum heat taking into consideration the aesthetics and the architecture of your building.

Hot water is something you can’t live without and we understand that. Whether you have small children at home or if you are a hotel, hot water should always be available. We provide same day service at an affordable cost, in case you need us.


Whether it’s the solar water heaters or any maintenance that is needed our prices are very well calculated and our long term customers can be the judge.

We offer a variety of full solutions. For example, if you have heating, we are able to connect our solar hot water to the heating system to benefit on rainy days. We also import and distribute full heating systems; boilers, radiators, variable pumps, thermostatic valves, etc…


And if you are in need of hot water pressure, we have a full range of pressure pumps depending on your needs.


Last but not least, we offer studies for solar water heating for your projects.
Call us for a free quote, don’t worry we won’t bother you with unnecessary phone calls and reminders.